What we do

Liberation Education and Facilitation (LEAF) is a collective of experienced anti-oppression facilitators who offer workshops, trainings and facilitation services at sliding scale rates to community groups, schools, small businesses, and other organizations. Through thoughtful facilitation and consultation, we provide resources for organizations and institutions that are working to address anti-oppression issues, struggling with decision making, or facing interpersonal conflicts. We work alongside other political educators and organizers to try to make our work relevant to progressive Left movement building. Please see our Services for more details.

What we believe

LEAF Chicago is founded on the belief that relevant political education and facilitation can lead to personal and collective empowerment and support more effective movement building.

Our approach to facilitation and education is inspired by the ideals of popular education. The facilitator serves as a conduit for bringing out the experiences and analyses of the participants, and helping them to develop new understandings of issues that effect their own lives.

We aim to be a resource to you and your organization because we care about building a progress left social justice movement. We have many years of experience in the areas of community organizing, social services, restorative and transformative justice activism, political education, and anti-oppression ally work. Please see Who We Are for more information.