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Other recent LEAF trainings include:

Being A Trans Ally
presented by Jane Hereth and Lewis Wallace at the Chicago Freedom School
March 2013 and February 2012

Anti-Oppression 101
presented by Megan Selby for the Responsible Endowment Campaign
August 2012

Introduction to Restorative and Transformative Justice
presented by Lewis Wallace and Jane Hereth at the Chicago Freedom School
August 2012

Chain Reaction: Alternatives to Calling Police Workshop
by LEAF member Jane Hereth and Chain Reaction volunteers Debbie Southorn and Sarah Brewster
at Femme Conference 2012
Learn more about Chain Reaction »

Being An Ally to LGBTQ Youth
presented by Lewis Wallace for the Arts Infusion Initiative
April 2012

Introduction to Restorative Justice and Peacemaking Circles
presented by Michelle Emery for Loyola University Civic Engagement curriculum with middle-school youth
March 2012